LADICIM is the Laboratory of Science and Engineering of Materials of the University of Cantabria. It is placed at the School of Civil Engineering in Santander, Spain. It was founded over thirty years ago (1983-84), through the initiative of the staff of the Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering Area with the aim of offering to the society the know-how available at the University about Materials Science and Technology according to their mechanical behaviour, with special emphasis on their fracture and cracking mechanisms.



The main research topics of the group are:

• Materials microstructural and mechanical characterization

• Micromechanisms of local fracture

• Materials degradation and ageing processes

• Structural integrity

Service to companies


LADICIM is accredited as laboratory by the Spanish NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD (ENAC), with international recognition by ILAC, in accordance with the requirements of the standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025. Also, the LADICIM is accredited to perform tests on:
• Steel products for concrete
• Manhole covering and closure devices
• Rail-fastening systems and sleepers